Our teams have a high understanding of national, regional, social, religious and ethical peculiarities. They are able to relate these issues to international principles.

Wolf Eberhard Poulet
Managing Director

Wolf Eberhard Poulet

Wolf E. Poulet served in the German Armed Forces from 1963 to 1994 and retired as an Army General Staff Officer in the rank of Colonel.

Until 1997, he served as senior staffer for security policy in the German Parliament. After that he worked for a political foundation as a consultant for the „civil-military dialogue“ in several Latin American countries where he consulted government administrations, political parties, armed forces, police, universities and non-governmental organizations (NGO).

On behalf of Deutsche Gesellschaft für Technische Zusammenarbeit (GTZ) he controlled from 2001 to 2003 a project focussing on „Security Sector Reform“ (SSR) within the framework of development cooperation.

Since 2004 Wolf E. Poulet has been independently active as an internationally renowned expert for security policy and development cooperation.

With a team of security experts he founded „International Governance Consulting“ (IGC) in 2005.

Additionally, IGC has established a pool of highly competent and specialized experts which are available on a short notice.

These include women and men from law enforcement, federal and state police, armed forces, customs, secret services as well as the media, science, economy, administration and political stake holders.

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Raoul Allalouf
Dipl. Pol., MBA, LL.M. • Deputy Director

Portait: Raoul Allalouf

After his voluntary military service, Raoul Allalouf studied Politics and Law in Munich and Augsburg. After working as Tutor for International Politics and Recent History, he was seconded by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to the OSCE Mission to Croatia, where he worked as Head of Field Office in Vukovar Region.

In 1998 he was seconded to Kosovo Verification Mission as Director Coordination Center and later Dep. Dir Election Dev. Department and headed the Joint Task Force on the Law on Local Self Government.

In 2000 he was hired by UN as Coordinator for Infrastructure, Economic Development and Return. He became member of the Privatization Committee and acted as Deputy Regional Administrator and Chief of Staff. In 2002 he became Head of Pillar I, for Security, Justice, Police and former Combatants. After the finalization of his MBA and LL.M. in European Law in Saarbrucken, London and Paris, he was re-seconded as Director Regional Center within OSCE, promoting Human Rights and Democratization together with his team, up to Col.ret. He served 12 years on the Balkans for international diplomatic missions and as member of 10 election observations within CIS.

Since spring 2008 he works as senior consultant in the field of governmental and security development.

His specialization lies in post conflict business consulting, entrepreneurship, b2b, -mainly in CIS; and UN, OSCE and law of IOs.

Heinrich Quaden

Heinrich Quaden

Heinrich Quaden served in the German Armed Forces from 1965 to 2004 and retired as an Army General Staff Officer in the rank of Colonel.

During his career he attended the German and French Command and General Staff Colleges and held several command positions. He served 5 years at the Ministry of Defence working in the fields of Public Relations and training of the units.

After a tour as Directing Staff at the German Command and General Staff College he was appointed Military Attaché in Turkey for four years. He spent 2 years in the Balkans as a coordinator for the German assistance program for Macedonia, working closely together with international organizations.

Volker Schlegel
Ambassador ret.
Undersecretary of State, ret.

Volker Schlegel

Born in Leipzig; studied law and economics in Bonn and Freiburg.

  • 1972 In 1972 he joined the Foreign Office (AA), first functions in the political and economic department (foreign trade law),
  • 1978 - 1982:: Manager at Klöckner Humboldt Deutz Corp., Cologne,
  • 1982: Return to the Foreign Service , Head of Economic Affairs at German Embassy in Tehran and Washington, Ambassador to Singapore,
  • 2002: Change in the Senate of the Hanseatic City of Hamburg, as Undersecretary for Economy and Labour,
  • 2004: Ambassador to Senegal and Mali,
  • 2005: Regional Ambassador Embassy Jamaica until 2007, since then:
  • President of the Asia Pacific Forum, Berlin
  • Chairman of the German Society on Foreign Policy, Northrhein-Westfalia
  • Representative of SGL Carbon SE, Berlin
  • Member Advisory Board of Management Engineers GmbH and Co.KG, Dusseldorf

Numerous publications and lectures on Asia and the U.S. in the area of foreign trade.

Dieter Lohrmann
Chief of Detectives (ret.)

Dieter Lohrmann

Dieter Lohrmann worked from 1963 until 2001 for the criminal investigation department of the police force in Schleswig-Holstein (Germany). While rising through the ranks, he took on leading roles in various fields of police work. In particular, he acted as Head of Police Training and as Deputy Chief of the federal state police forces.

Mr Lohrmann’s expertise includes the following areas:

  • Organised Crime
  • Drug Crime
  • Protection of Individuals
  • Witness Protection
  • Mobile Police Forces
  • Undercover Investigations

In all of these fields he has played leading roles within the police force.

From 1995 onwards, Mr Lohrmann has been involved in training and consultancy activities abroad. This included 3.5 years as advisor to the Minister of Interior and Aviation of Saudi Arabia as well as several projects within the Ministry of the Interior of Azerbaijan. In 2007/08 he was leading a witness protection training programme for the Ministry of the Interior and the Khmer Rouge Tribunal in Cambodia. In 2010, he contributed to a general police reform in Honduras, and in 2011 he returned to Saudi Arabia for further consultancy work.

Mr Lohrmann joined International Governance Consulting in 2007.

Lothar Guttstein

Portait: Lothar Guttstein

Born in Berlin; studies of political and social sciences in Bochum.

Since 1983 working on the Arabic peninsula in different positions, i.e. as Technical Director for palace security solutions or consultant and trainer for the Ministry of Interior Riyadh.

Co-founder of an engineering company for complex security and traffic solutions, based on IP technology. Lecturer at the business academy in Kiel for electronic security solutions.

2006 Consultant and trainer with the Ministry of Interior in Riyadh. 2013 consultant for security and technical projects in Saudi Arabia for European companies

Co-Autor for a compendium for service organisations and managing complex customer oriented processes using IT technology.