Our Profile:
Provision of Security Sector Governance

We consult

  • in the traditional areas of the security sector: security policy, armed forces, police, law enforcement, administration, paramilitary forces
  • in disarming, de-mobilizing and reintegrating ex-combatants
  • institutions of the civil society, business investors and non governmental organizations (NGO) engaged in any country.

Our consultants

  • have broad professional and practical experience as well as fundamental scientific knowledge
  • work independently of political, administrative or other influences
  • dispose of significant multi-cultural competency and sensibility for all areas referring to security issues
  • have a high understanding of national, regional, social, religious and ethical peculiarities concerning other cultures including the ability to relate these issues to international principles
  • consider themselves obligated to the interests of the civil society as well as to the functional demands of governmental institutions

Our strong points

  • we offer professional expertise, many years of experience and particular analytical skills
  • we listen to your problems and realize your specific requirements
  • together with you, we develop the specific reform concepts and individual steps needed

Thus, on a mutually agreed basis, we present to you profound suggestions for a security sector reform, which are tailored to your individual national peculiarities while observing internationally accepted standards.